full NAMEbrooke elizabeth hawthorne


date of birth / agejune 16th, 1993 / 24

star signgemini (expressive, quickwitted, adaptable, indecisive)

hometownvenice beach, ca

current residenceboston, ma

occupationcheerleading coach

education tbd

marital statussingle
biography Brooke Hawthorne was the product of her father's second marriage. Her half siblings were understandably less than thrilled about her existence thanks to the fact that Brooke's mother was partially to blame for the dissolution of Derek Hawthorne's first marriage. So it was relatively easy to peg Brooke's mother as nothing but a two bit gold digger looking for a ticket to a more comfortable lifestyle. After all, Derek Hawthorne was a music mogul who had his finger in multiple pies and had even more vacation homes as well as being worth a pretty penny. Despite his philandering ways, Derek was a half way decent father who sometimes overcompensated with gifts in place of affection. Brooke's mother, Tina, tried her best to be a step mother that didn't belong as a Disney movie villain but her efforts were shunned nine times out of ten by two preteens with the ability to keep one hell of a grudge.

Her mother knew that marrying up had afforded her and her daughter opportunities that they didn't otherwise have. From an early age, Brooke progressed from piano to cello lessons as well as gymnastics and ballet lessons.
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  • both come from a wealthy family
  • both can play the cello something fierce
  • last name is a nod to a school kate attended
  • both were assaulted
comicverse: kate bishop (hawkeye)
Kate Bishop grew up as the youngest daughter of a rich Manhattanite family. Although her father Derek was an emotionally distant publishing magnate, Kate admired him, and tried to gain his attention and approval during her summer breaks from boarding school. Her mother Eleanor was estranged from her father and frequently absent on vacations until she died while on trip in Boulder, Colorado when Kate was still young. Kate has an older sister, Susan. They have a friendly but somewhat tense relationship, because Susan doesn't understand or share Kate's focus on helping others. From an early age, Kate was frequently lonely and became determined to rely only on herself. She developed a very independent, blunt, and stubborn personality.[...]
powers spidier physiology
perfect balance and equilibrium
superhuman speed and agility
spider sense
augmented musculature
skilled fighter
web shooters
dimensional travel watch
threading, adult scenes or ftb + customs, plotting, random scenes welcome